Three Ways To Make Your Child's Eye Exam Less Scary


When your child experiences a new situation, it is only natural for them to feel scared or apprehensive. As a mum of a youngster about to start prep for the new school next year, you know that this is a good time to get your child's eyes checked. By scheduling an eye exam well in advance of the upcoming school year, you can get your child used to wearing glasses if they are necessary. In order to make the visit to the optometrist for their first eye exam less intimidating, here are three things you can do to prepare your child for this visit.

Reiterate No Injections

Children don't like going to a doctor because they always fear the visit will involve injections, so when you tell them they are going to an eye doctor, there is likely an immediate hesitation due to the word 'doctor'. Explain the difference to your child between a general practitioner and an eye doctor, and be sure to reassure more than once that there are absolutely no needles involved in an eye examination.

Explain The Process

When you take the time to educate a child about what to expect at the upcoming eye exam, then you are less likely to see fear. Give the optometrist office a call to find out what tests will be done in the eye exam. For example, reading an eye chart is standard at all eye exams, so you can find a picture of the eye chart online, and show this to your child so they know what to expect. The optometrist may plan to put eye drops in the corners of your child's eyes to dilate them for a better look. You can show your child how this happens by putting drops of water into the corners of their toy's eyes. The more they know in advance, the less worry there will be.

Bring Comforts To The Appointment

Most children have a favourite toy that they take everywhere, so make sure this toy is packed up to be brought along to the appointment. A sense of the familiar is comforting to your child in the foreign office of an optometrist. The toy can be used to divert focus from any anxiety your child feels during this first visit.

If you have any other concerns about your child going to the optometrists for the first time, let the optometrist office know in advance of this concern. They will make sure that both you and your child achieve a stress-free eye examination visit.


19 October 2018

Maintaining Your Eye Health

If you want to maintain your eye health, it is really important that you have regular check-ups with an optometrist. An optometrist will perform a number of different tests on your eyes. Because I didn't need glasses, I didn't think I had to go to an eye doctor. However, my wife suggested that I book an appointment for a check-up. I did so and I am so pleased I did. It turns out that I had a problem with my eyes which could cause blindness if left untreated. Thankfully, we caught it early enough so I am now fully recovered. I hope this blog helps you to look after your vision.