Three Ways To Make Your Child's Eye Exam Less Scary


When your child experiences a new situation, it is only natural for them to feel scared or apprehensive. As a mum of a youngster about to start prep for the new school next year, you know that this is a good time to get your child's eyes checked. By scheduling an eye exam well in advance of the upcoming school year, you can get your child used to wearing glasses if they are necessary.

19 October 2018

3 Insights for Sourcing Eyewear Designer Frames


If you are an optometrist with a private practice, then you already know that stocking quality eyewear frames is an essential part of the business. Clients appreciate an optometrist that doesn't refer them to another optometrist to get frames. Importantly, a good inventory of eyewear frames will give you a good supply of repeat clients. However, if you want to attract new clients and satisfy the ever-changing tastes and preferences of customers, then start stocking designer frames.

18 October 2018

Cataract Surgery – Your FAQs Answered


A cataract comes about when your eye's lens starts to become cloudy. This cloudiness does not occur overnight but instead will become worse progressively. When you develop a cataract, the vision in the affected eye steadily turns blurry. And the longer the cataract goes undiagnosed and treated, the more your vision deteriorates, and it could even lead to loss of sight. Since cataracts are not painful, some people may ignore this problem under the assumption that their vision will correct itself.

12 October 2018