Clearing Your Vision: A Guide To Preparing For Cataract Surgery


Cataracts are a common condition that can result in the loss of clear, sharp vision. If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, don’t worry; cataract surgery is a common and successful procedure. But, like with any other medical procedure, preparation is key. In this blog post, we’ll share everything you need to know to prepare for cataract surgery, including what to expect before, during and after the surgery. Before Surgery The first step in preparing for cataract surgery is to schedule a pre-operative appointment with your ophthalmologist.

15 February 2024

Hypertensive Retinopathy Explained


Hypertensive retinopathy causes retinal blood vessels to thicken. Your retina is located at the rear of your eye and plays a vital role in the transferring of light to your brain for the processing of images. When you develop hypertensive retinopathy, the blood supply to your retina becomes restricted, and this causes swelling and puts too much pressure on your optical nerve. The condition is caused by high blood pressure, which can occur due to being overweight, consuming too much salt and being exposed to high levels of stress.

15 June 2023

Have You had the Pressure in Your Eyes Checked Recently?


If it's been some time since you last visited an optometrist and everything seems to be okay with your vision, you may be tempted to skip any appointment. You may not feel that you need any glasses or contact lenses and have not encountered any strange symptoms, so you may want to spend your time elsewhere. Yet, there's a good reason why optometrists recommend regular exams, apart from the need for any vision correction.

12 July 2022

Visual Disturbances: 3 Common Causes


If you've been experiencing visual disturbances, such as light sensitivity, blurred vision or reduced peripheral vision, you likely feel worried about what could be causing these changes to your vision. It's common to put off a health check when you're worried about the unknown, but there are lots of common causes of visual disturbances that are relatively easy to treat. Read on to learn about three common causes of visual disturbances.

30 September 2021

Diabetes: Things You Can Do to Promote Eye Health


This article explores four things diabetics can do to keep their eyes healthy such as visiting the eye doctor regularly, eating a healthy diet, keeping fit, and stopping smoking and drinking alcohol. Read on to find out more! See Your Optometrist Regularly If you have diabetes or are at risk of developing it (for example, due to family history or carrying extra weight), then your optometrist can test for signs of vascular retinopathy using an eye scan called an OCT (optical coherence tomography).

26 February 2021

Symptoms Of Potential Eye Problems That Should Be Checked Out By An Ophthalmologist


Often confused with opticians and optometrists, ophthalmologists are, in simple terms, specialised doctors that diagnose and treat vision disorders and physical eye problems. Although optometrists and ophthalmologists can prescribe contact lenses, spectacles and medication, the latter is also trained in carrying out eye surgeries to correct eye problems. Therefore, when you develop a condition that is affecting your vision, you should go see an ophthalmologist. Nonetheless, considering that a good number of people tend to neglect this medical field since they only think of eye problems as the need for corrective eyewear, it is easy for some symptoms to go unchecked, and this could lead to irreparable damage to one's vision.

30 July 2020

Are Prescription Sunnies a Must-Have?


Prescription eyewear is typically associated with spectacles. Hence, when it comes to protective eyewear to guard against Aussie's harsh sun, most people tend to think that having contact lenses on means they should just wear normal sunglasses. Alternatively, if you exclusively wear spectacles, then you may have the variety that comes with dark lenses that you can clip onto them. When it comes to convenience, however, you will find prescription sunglasses a much better option than the two above mentioned.

23 May 2019

Eyelid Care: A Quick Guide for Prevention of Eyelid Disorders


You know that your optometrist takes great care of your eyes — but did you know that extends to your eyelids, too? Many of us barely think about our eyelids, perhaps only making a note of them when we're applying makeup or noticing some form of irritation. However, your optometrist will be paying attention every time they see you, and it wouldn't hurt for you to pay them a little heed too.

20 November 2018

Three Signs That You Could Be Developing Diabetes-Related Cataracts


Diabetes mellitus is a condition that results when your body does not produce enough insulin, or when the insulin produced is not regulated correctly in the body. Some of the most common signs of diabetes include excessive weight loss, inability to heal when wounded and kidney problems. One of the less-discussed long-term effects of diabetes is blurry vision. Here, is what you need to know about the connection between diabetes and cataracts, and possible signs that you could be developing cataracts.

19 October 2018

Three Ways To Make Your Child's Eye Exam Less Scary


When your child experiences a new situation, it is only natural for them to feel scared or apprehensive. As a mum of a youngster about to start prep for the new school next year, you know that this is a good time to get your child's eyes checked. By scheduling an eye exam well in advance of the upcoming school year, you can get your child used to wearing glasses if they are necessary.

19 October 2018